October 4, 2018


Vatnaskil is a private consulting firm based in Iceland, specializing in the fields of geothermal reservoir engineering, groundwater hydrology, river hydraulics, surface runoff, air pollution and environmental modelling. The company has provided specialized consultation for most of the major geothermal (both high and low temperature) and hydroelectric projects in Iceland since its founding in 1982, as well as for numerous international projects.

For over 35 years Vatnaskil has participated in a wide variety of projects relating to geothermal resource development and management. Specific services provided by Vatnaskil include construction of field wide geothermal conceptual models, well test design and analysis, resource capacity assessment and implementation of reservoir management strategies for maximizing production output and sustainability. Vatnaskil utilizes a wide range of analytical and numerical modelling tools, including simple volumetric assessment methods, more complicated lumped parameter models and fully dynamic three-dimensional multiphase reservoir models. 

For the last several years Vatnaskil employees have actively contributed to the development of the widely used iTOUGH2 simulation tool in close corporation with the main development team. The contributions include among other things updated formalism for calculation of anisotropic flow, coupled wellbore and flow simulations and multiple tracer return simulations plus many smaller enhancements and additions. Company specialists have years of experience teaching at the University of Iceland, the United Nations University Geothermal Training Program (UNU-GTP) in Iceland, and at various seminars and courses around the world.

Previous projects include for example the high temperature fields Svartsengi/Reykjanes, Hengill, Þeistareykir and Krafla in Iceland, Olkaria in Kenya, Miravalles in Costa Rica, Rantau Dedap in Indonesia, along with various lower temperature fields in Iceland, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii and California, USA and in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

For further information, see http://vatnaskil.is