October 4, 2018


Iceland GeoSurvey, ÍSOR, is a leading provider of scientific and geo-technical expertise to the geothermal industry in Iceland and abroad. ÍSOR offers consulting services worldwide on most aspects of geothermal exploration, development, and utilization as well as groundwater studies, marine geology and environmental monitoring. ÍSOR provides training and education on these and related issues.

ÍSOR is a self-financing, state-owned, nonprofit institution. It receives no direct funding from the government and operates on a project and contract basis like a private company.

In East Africa ÍSOR has been engaged in numerous projects relating to geothermal development, some through co-operation with engineering companies in Iceland. ÍSOR’s’ projects in Asia are related to low and high enthalpy geothermal development from Siberia to Indonesia. On of the major component of ÍSOR’s work in Africa and Asia is to disseminate geothermal knowledge. This has mostly been in relation to development assistance with emphasis on vocational training. There has been close co-operation with the UNU Geothermal Programme and ÍSOR has undertaken more than half of the regular teaching and training courses, which include training 269 fellows from Africa and 244 from Asia since 1979.

Our basic values which have guided ÍSOR’s operations are professionalism, effective work procedures, robust basic research, honesty in consultation, avoidance of conflicts of interest and a culture of decisions based on long term planning.

With more than seven decades of experience, ÍSOR is able to offer consulting and carrying out services in the following fields:

  • Geothermal exploration
  • Drilling consultancy
  • Well testing and evaluation
  • Well logging
  • Resource assessment
  • Geothermal field management
  • Environmental studies
  • Due diligence
  • Geothermal training

For further information, see http://en.isor.is/