Geothermal Exploration

Resource identification, surface exploration, and assessment.

Drilling Consultancy

Siting and design of wells, and resource evaluation.

Resource Assessment

Resource assesment
Volumetric assessment, conceptual modeling, and numerical simulation.

Geothermal Training

Geothermal training
Geothermal training and workshops at all levels.

Specialists from Iceland GeoSurvey are among instructors on an international course about the Arctic Microbial Ecology which is held in Akureyri, Northern Iceland, between June 15 and June 28.
The geoscientists Gudni Axelsson, Knútur Árnason and Gylfi Páll Hersir from Iceland GeoSurvey, ÍSOR, and Hjálmar Eysteinsson from Reykjavik Geothermal, have received the IGA Best Paper Award for 2014.
Iceland GeoSurvey, ÍSOR was part of a delegation of the Icelandic Ministry of Industry and Innovation, which met with leading authorities in Terceira, Azores last week.
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Strokkur the hot spring, begins to erupt. Photo Sigurður Sveinn Jónsson.