22. Straumsvík - Costal springs

From Straumsvík, SW Iceland, with a view to the aluminum plant.In Straumsvík costal springs are issuing great volume of fresh water into the sea. They can be inspected during low tide, then the water  flows through channels and straits between lava skerries in to the ocean. During high tide all the springs are submerged and nothing is to see. The springs deliver  4000 l/s.

Costal springs like these in Straumsvík can be found at many places at the lava coast of Reykjanes peninsula but these are the largest ones.

The origin of the water is in the precipitation that falls on the lava fields inland of Straumsvík and percolates into the porous ground. Part of it  appears in the Kaldárbotnar spring area south of Hafnarfjörður and disappears again in the lavas downstream of the springs to reappear once again in the Straumsvík costalsprings.

At Þorbjarnarstaðir farm near Straumsvík are several ponds controlled by the sea having ebb and flow, there is a holy spring, called Gvendarbrunnur.

The fauna is rich in birds and mussel  and a rare genre of trout, the dwarf char, has been found there.


How to get to Straumsvík

The Straumsvík costal springs can be seen from the main highway. The easiest approach is from the driveway to the aluminium plant. Visit during low spring tide is most interesting.

Árni Hjartarson, 2010

Map of Straumsvík - Costal spring.