19. Sog – Craters and colourful alteration

High-temperature alteration in Sog, SW Iceland.Sog is a name of a beautiful area south of mt. Trölladyngja. Sog is a depression in the Vesturháls hyaloclastite ridge. The area is colourful due to intense high-temperature alteration and a few mud pools and solfataras. West of Sog, on the lower slopes of the Vesturháls ridge is a row of explotion craters. Within the biggest of these craters are ancient ruins of seter-farms. Further south are smaller explotions craters.

On top of the Vesturháls south of Sog are two beautiful small lakes, Spákonuvatn and Grænavatn. On plain west of Sog are numerous steaming vents in an a-a lava flow.

 Haukur Jóhannesson, 2010



Map of Sog – Craters and colourful alteration.