19. Hverir

Cluster of steam vents and mud pots are east of Mt. Námafjall. Photo Ingibjörg Kaldal.East of Mt. Námafjall one can find a cluster of steam vents and mud pots, which are mostly associated with a fault. The steam vents are arranged along the fault with the mud pots situated on the downthrown side. The mountain slope to the west has been altered to light coloured clay, with steam emanating in several places and solfataras further up the slope. The steam vents on the higher wall of the fault are in fact drillholes from the middle of the 20th century. They are shallow and produce dry steam from a steam zone above boiling groundwater. The water which accumulates in the mud pots is rain water, heated by the steam and gas which boils up from the geothermal reservoir below. A vegetated area east of the steam vents is called Hverarönd.




Steam vents of Mt. Námafjall.